The facility offers more than 9,000 official parking spaces that surround the Stadium, and thousands more in garages and public lots located within walking distance.

Parking tips

Parking Farther Away to Save Money: During the regular season, parking may cost upwards for $30-$40 and increase postseason. It is possible to save more than 50% on parking if parking in a further lot.

Pre-Pay option: Customers can save both time and hassle in case of pre-paying for the parking. Customers can buy official Yankees parking through City Parking. However, it is recommended to plan and make a reservation before heading to the big game.

Early arrivals: Regardless of where customers plan on parking, it is always better to get there early. It is even suggested to arrive about two to three hours before the game.


Handicap Parking

Yankee Stadium has over 9,000 parking spots, with some of them dedicated to handicap parking offered by City Parking. However, customers should consider that a handicap tag issued through New York City must be visible to use a handicap space without facing fines. NYC does not recognize handicap tags that are from other states, including New Jersey.


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