At one point, there were some concerns that Yankee tickets would be hard to get after the new Stadium opening, but the higher cost of the tickets only meant increased availability to those who are willing to pay the price. On the direct ticketing side, it is possible to buy tickets through the Yankees either online, via phone, or at the Stadium box office. The Yankees don’t vary their ticket prices, so it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or who is playing. Ticket prices in sections never change and start as low as $15 in case of bleacher seats.


There are plenty of options to purchase via the secondary market, but the process has changed. The New York Yankees began a multi-year agreement with StubHub, which made the company the official fan-to-fan ticket resale marketplace. The new system allows StubHub to be integrated into the Yankees ticket system, and replace the Yankees Ticket Exchange.

Tickets purchased at StubHub are delivered right to its app within minutes after placing an order. It is possible to use the app to scan purchased tickets and get into the game. If the tickets aren't available for instant delivery, StubHub sends customers an email with information on how to get their tickets.

TicketIQ and SeatGeek

There are also ticket aggregators like TicketIQ and SeatGeek that are in charge of pulling all the broker options together. There is a high chance of finding cheaper pricing for off-peak days than the one on the primary market.

Sightlines and prices

There are a lot of excellent sightlines in Yankee Stadium so that attendants can enjoy their baseball from many different sections. If interested in a big-time ballpark experience, the best option is to select the Legends Suites Seats around home plate and the dugouts. Ticket prices for these seats vary from approximately $600-$1600 but offer the convenience of getting the best places in the house. Those seats also include unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages with wait service.

For the lower prices, customers can look into the Jim Beam Suite seat prices. Tickets include a lounge area, club access, and cushioned seats for those who are behind the home plate.

If preferring to spend less money, customers are welcome to buy Upper Deck tickets, enjoy watching the first couple innings from their seats, and then wander down to field level and enjoy the game from the standing room areas. That way, they will have a pretty good view of everything that is going on.


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